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Reports and photo's

Jason Conference: Crash Course on Hybrid Warfare.
On the 30th of November 2018, the JASON institute for Peace & Security Studies organized a Crash Course on the subject matter of Hybrid Warfare.
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Lecture: The Privatization of Security: Highlighting both the academic and the corporate perspective.
On the 27th of November, Laurens Sastrowijoto and Sjoerd Timmermans, both members of the activity committee of the JASON Institute, organized a lecture on the privatization of security. The lecture was given at the Spanish Steps in the Wijnhaven Building at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. Read more →
Lecture: Counterterrorism from a Russian and West-African perspective
On the 10th of April, JASON Institute organised a lecture on counterterrorism approached from a Russian and a West-African perspective, given by Tony van der Togt and Fulco van Deventer. Read more →
Lecture: Resource Wars: Water-Stress
On the 27th of February the activity committee organized a lecture on resource wars, focusing on water stress. Both speakers of the evening elaborated on the value of water, and the different dimensions it has in international politics. Read more →

Visit to the Netherlands Defence Academy
25-01-2018 Thursday 25 January, the JASON Institute was invited by the Netherlands Defence Academy in Breda for a half day programme of interesting lectures about the officer education and training programmes, and cyber security, cyber warfare, and the European security after 2014. Read more →

Lecture: Privacy versus Security
11-01-2018 On January 11, JASON Institute hosted a lecture on the dilemma of privacy versus security. Read a short report of the lecture and listen to the podcast! Read more →
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JASON Conference: Migration to Europe
03-11-2017 On the 3rd of November, the JASON Institute organized a conference on migration to Europe. Read more →

Lecture: United States versus North Korea: Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk?
17-10-2017 On the 17th of October, JASON Institute organized a lecture regarding the current hot topic of the US under President Donald Trump versus Kim Jong-Un’s North Korea at the Nutshuis in The Hague. Read more →

Trip to Brussels
29-09-2017 On the 29th of September, the JASON Institute organised a trip to Brussels to pay a visit to the European Parliament and the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands to the EU. Read more →
sib conference 2017.jpg
Conference on Upcoming Nationalism in Contemporary Europe
08-04-2017 On Saturday April 8, the JASON Institute and the Dutch United Nations Student Association Amsterdam (SIB Amsterdam) organized a conference on rising nationalism in Europe. Read more →

Simulation of Syria negotiations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
22-02-2017 The JASON Institute had been invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands to participate in a simulation of negotiations. The simulation was based on the negotiations between the Syrian government, the opposition, Iran, Russia, Turkey, the EU and the ambassador of the United States in Kazakhstan, which took place the 23rd of January in Astana, Kazakhstan. Read more →

visit NCTV.jpg Visit to National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism
16-01-2017 JASON kicked off the new year with an afternoon of informative lectures at the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCSC). This department of the Dutch government, which is linked to the Ministry of Security and Justice, focusses on the main goal of keeping the Netherlands safe and free from terrorist threat. Read more →
Lecture: Upcoming US Elections
JASON organised a lecture in the light of the upcoming U.S Elections. Dr. Ruud van Dijk, scholar at the University of Amsterdam, gave an intresting presentation from a historical perspective. Focusing on different presidential races and there implications on international relations ... Read more →
Climate Change

Lecture: Climate change as the main security issue for the next century?

26-09-2016 In recent years, many foreign affairs experts have attempted to demonstrate the linkages between climate change, migration and potential conflicts. Dr. Louise van Schaik opened the lecture on climate change by asking the participants to challenge themselves and to question what is written in newspapers or what politicians say about climate change. There are certain… Read more →


EU-voorzitterschap in turbulente tijden: verslag

Wat betekent het EU-voorzitterschap precies in deze turbulente tijd en hoe zet Nederland zich in dit halfjaar in met het oog op vredes- en veiligheidsvraagstukken en een nieuw gezamenlijk buitenland- en veiligheidsbeleid? In de avonduren van donderdag 14 januari kwamen 60 studenten en Young Professionals bijeen voor de lezing over het Nederlandse Voorzitterschap van de… Read more→


Qua Patet Orbis: bezoek Korps Mariniers

Op woensdag 18 november stapte een groep studenten en Young Professionals vanuit JASON, na een kleine reisvertraging, even na tien uur de Mariniers kazerne te Doorn binnen. Het Korps Mariniers opende exclusief voor stichting JASON de deuren van de marinierskazerne en geeft zo, vlak voor de officiële viering van het 350-jarig bestaan van het Korps,… Read more →


Aan boord van Zr. Ms. Zeeland

Door Andraniek Evadgian & Hester Torn – Sinds het vertrek van de Fransen in 1814 is Den Helder de thuishaven van de Koninklijke Marine. Haar motto luidt; wereldwijd veiligheid op en vanuit zee. De Zijner Majesteit Zeeland is een van de marineschepen die hieraan een bijdrage levert. Want Nederland is sterk afhankelijk van de vrije… Read more →


Libya: A Crisis Turned Inside Out – Report

By Matthijs Maas – Since the 2011 uprising that, backed by NATO, swept Colonel Moammar al-Qadhafi from power, Libya has remained in the grip of unrest and violence. While two separate governments battle it out from Tobruk and Tripoli, terrorist groups, including the Islamic State, seek to get a foothold in the country. Meanwhile, tens… Read more →


JASON Study Trip to Brussels: The Principle, Procedure and Practice of Security in Europe

As Europe increasingly finds itself challenged by Russian assertiveness as well as by instability in its near periphery, how can it still ensure a coherent and effective European external policy in the fields of security and defense? What do changing regional tensions imply for the modern relations between the EU and NATO? And after decades… Read more →


Crash Course Diplomacy & Security: an insight

Hoe is het om daadwerkelijk in het veld van diplomacy & security te werken? Hoe bepaal je positie in het complexe speelveld en op welke wijze probeer je jouw doel binnen deze complexe omgeving te bereiken? Food for thought voor de kleine groep studenten en Young Professionals die zich donderdag 12 februari mochten melden bij… Read more →


Lithuania: challenges in defense

It was on the 13th of January 1991 that 'The January Events' took place. During these events, Soviet forces invaded Vilnius in reaction to the Lithuanian Restoration of Independence (March 11th 1990), and cracked down on protestors—killing 13 and injuring over 1,000. Past Tuesday, 25 years after the start of these events, JASON Institute visited… Read more →


Iranian perspective on the Middle East

Report – On Monday December 1st 2014 over more than 50 students, (Young) Professionals and several representatives of Embassies gathered at the Haagsche Kluis, Den Haag, to learn more and debate about the Middle East in the upcoming decade seen through the perspective of Iran. As was written in The Economist on November 1st, Iran's… Read more →


Club Clingendael: the first edition

On Wednesday the 29th of October the 'Nederlands Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken' (Netherlands Society for International Affairs, NGIZ) together with multiple Young Professional organisations in international affairs including JASON Institute, presented Club Clingendael: a Young Professional Network Event. The goal of this event was to connect Young Professionals and, at the same time, have in-depth… Read more →


Lessons learned from conflicts

On Monday the 13th of October, The Hague Institute for Global Justice hosted a public event organized by JASON Institute, The Hague Institute and the Youth Peace Initiative 2014 (YPI2014). Over 140 participants from all over the world attended the discussion on finding possible resolutions for conflicts in the world's conflict regions based on lessons… Read more →


Visit to Air Base Volkel: inside an F16

In the early morning of the 25th of September, a group of students gathered at the bus station of a small Dutch town for the start an exclusive trip to Air Base Volkel, home of the Netherlands Royal Air Force F16's. Under normal circumstances one may already consider this visit to be exclusive, however since… Read more →


Securing Sustainability, Sustaining Security

– A conference report by Natalia Kadenko – On Tuesday the 23rd of September JASON Institute, together with partners, held a conference concerning security and sustainability. In a course of a very intense day the participants got to attend two of the five workshops, next to the quality introductory and closing lectures, as well as… Read more →


The Battle for Crimea

By Natalia Kadenko On March, 13 'The Battle for Crimea' symposium took place, organized by JASON institute. It was opened with a presentation by Lieutenant-Colonel (ret.) Dr. Marcel de Haas, the Russia defence and security expert. In a very detailed presentation, packed with military figures, facts and legal excerpts, Dr. de Haas highlighted the following… Read more →


Exclusive Visit to Nuclear Security Summit

By Christiaan Duinmaijer While the preparations in the Hague World Forum are in full swing, a select group of students and young professionals received on 14 February a special tour through this complex that will host the 57 countries and organisations during the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) on 24 and 25 March . The group… Read more →


The rise of China as maritime power

REPORT BY KEVIN KLERX AND CHRISTIAAN DUINMAIJER On November 1st JASON Institute held the Sea power conference at the Marine Establishment Amsterdam, which was focused on the rising naval power of China. The daylong event was well attended by experts from the field, cadets from the military academy and others. The overarching question of… Read more →