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Indonesia's Engagement in United Nations (UN) Peace Operations: Opportunities and Challenges
23-04-2017 By Roderick Buiskool ~ Will Indonesia continue to step up its engagement in UN peace operations, and fulfil its potential as an emerging country in the realm of peace operations, or will the country be engrossed with internal conflicts, and lose credibility as a UN troop contributing country? This article is an edited version of Roderick's Bachelor thesis on Indonesia and the UN. Read more →
Hizbollah_flag.jpg Na Syrië zal Hezbollah de steun van de Arabische wereld weer terug moeten winnen
16-04-2017 Door Maarten Visser ~ Een jaar na het uitbreken van de oorlog in Syrië besloot Hezbollah de Syrische regeringstroepen van president Bashar al-Assad te steunen. De Sjiitische militie vormt samen met Iraanse, Russische en Syrische eenheden een bondgenootschap met als doel president Assad aan de macht te houden ... Lees verder →
Sweden's altering defence and security policy calculus
09-04-2017 By Emanuel Skoog ~ When people think of Sweden, the initial viewpoint that normally comes to people's minds is a country which adopted neutral positions during both World Wars and the Cold War. The country's policy of neutrality in armed conflicts has been the guiding defence and security policy framework since the early 19th century ... Read more →


Security cooperation is at stake in the Brexit divorce talks

05-04-2017 By Agata Chmiel ~ This past Wednesday, the United Kingdom's Prime Minister Theresa May triggered article 50 (2) of the TFEU [1], or in other words, sent signed divorce papers to her European counterpart, Donald Tusk. As in formal marriage disputes, at this point it is simply too late for a blame game. While PM May's letter suggests tackling several complex matters at once, ... Read more


The US must reconsider its partnership with Taiwan

26-03-2017 By Daniel Stuke ~ In February this year, Beijing escalated its already menacing language towards its island neighbour Taiwan, stating that “Independence means war". [1] This caused anxiety with its most powerful friend, the United States. As China continues to grow in power, adopting an increasingly assertive and belligerent posture towards its neighbour, the unofficial… Read more →


Een nieuwe kijk op preventie; van indammen naar voorkomen radicalisering

19-03-2017 Door Wouter Witteveen ~ Op 3 december 2015 schreef voormalig Kinderombudsman Marc Dullaert een brief [1] aan ministers Van der Steur en Asscher om zijn zorgen te uiten over de aanpak van polarisatie en radicalisering in Nederland. Hierin stelde hij dat “blijkt dat het thema voornamelijk vanuit een veiligheidsperspectief wordt aangevlogen. Ik zie te weinig… Read more →


The hardening of Europe's future – the need for 'Fortress Europe'

12-03-2017 By Kevin Benning & Niels van de Ven ~ With the collapse of the Soviet Union in late 1991 a lot of barriers came down. One result was the opening of the borders between several nation states, which resulted in a free flow of e.g. cargo, money and people. Furthermore, the European Union started to… Read more →


Op zoek naar evenwicht

05-03-2017 Door: Floris Grijzenhout ~ Het was in de nacht van 8 op 9 november 2016 dat ik de President's Night bijwoonde in de Melkweg in Amsterdam. Het was een ervaring die ik niet snel zal vergeten: zelden heb ik zo'n eenheidsworst meegemaakt als bij die gebeurtenis. Afgezien van een uitgerangeerd ex-politicus die, verkleed als Donald… Read more →


Elections and the Power of Social Media

28-02-2017 By Panos Kontogiannis ~ Today social media has become more present in the daily life of global citizens. There are on average 295 million users of social media in Europe, a number equal to 40% of its total population. Facebook alone counts 232 million active users. The constant presence of social media changes the way… Read more →


Filibustering Neil Gorsuch

19-02-2017 By Dana Cohen ~ In February 2016, Associate Justice to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) Antonin Scalia passed away. With his death, a seat opened up in the highest federal court of the country, which normally consists of nine justices (eight associate and one chief justice). It is the sitting president's job… Read more →


International Law and Maritime Disputes, a Tricky Game

12-02-2017By Anca-Elena Ursu ~ This past week the South China Sea maritime disputes regained public attention when China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi declared that the People's Republic of China (PRC) expects Japan to comply with the 1943 Cairo Declaration and the 1945 Potsdam Treaty and return the Chinese territory it took during the war, including… Read more →


The UN's light spot in the Syrian darkness

29-01-2017 By Claudia Elion~ 800.000 Tutsi's were killed during the Rwandan genocide. Over 480.000 Sudanese civilians were killed during the Darfur genocide. And 8.000 Bosniaks were killed during the Srebrenica genocide. And three times the international community promised “never again". But in Syria, already more than 450.000 civilians died during the war. To prevent more humanitarian… Read more →


Slavery is not dead, it is thriving

15-01-2017 By Agata Chmiel~ President Obama proclaimed January to be the US Human Trafficking Awareness Month [1], proving that the issue, not only in Americas but internationally, is on the rise. Throughout the last decade of economic and migration crises occurring across the globe, human trafficking in itself seems to have been off the main headlines… Read more →


A critical examination of radicalization models; on what to base counter-radicalization policy?

08-01-2017 By Wouter Witteveen ~ Since 2011 Europe has seen an outflux of roundabout 4000-5000 foreign fighters joining the fight in Syria and Iraq [1][2]. Almost all of these foreign fighters come from Western-European countries. The amount of citizens willing to fight their Jihad in Syria startled the Western-European leaders, who were not prepared for such… Read more →


A rollercoaster of a year, and what's ahead

25-12-2016 By Alba Leon ~ The Denial of Peter seems to be a good metaphor for the collective and worldwide denial of common sense that seems to be taking hold. Personally, I woke up to news that I couldn't believe was true three times this year. There were many others, but the main thread for these… Read more →


Book review: Arms and the Dudes

18-12-2016 By Rik van Dijk ~ Title: Arms and the Dudes: How Three Stoners from Miami Beach Became the Most Unlikely Gunrunners in History Author: Guy Lawson. As a disclaimer I must inform our readers that this book nor the movie it spawned is very new. However, I decided to write this review… Read more →


Russia's growing influence in the Black Sea

11-12-2016 By Emanuel Skoog ~ Since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 NATO has focused greatly on working on its deterrence in the Baltic region with stepped up air patrols and the promise to dispatch troops there [1]. However, Russia is giving increased priority to expanding its military footprint and influence in the Black Sea region [2]. NATO's… Read more →


Have referenda become politically futile?

04-12-2016 By Iñigo Alexander ~ So far in 2016 we have encountered several politically surprising events and outcomes, the prime examples being Donald Trump's recent victory in the US Presidential election and the UK's calamitous Brexit vote. The rise of demagogic political rhetoric and the increased presence of right-wing politics have created a volatile and unpredictable… Read more →


Military Technology and the Mental Barrier of the Last War

27-11-2016 By Quint Hoekstra ~ For over a generation, Western militaries have spent much of their attention on improving military technology while neglecting the damaging effects of their memories of the last war. This mental barrier has prevented them from fully understanding the implications of the changing character of war and undermined their ability to win… Read more →


The Endurance of the 'Lazy Native' Myth; Colonialism's gift to globalized capital

14-11-2016 By Giles Longley-Cook ~ Amongst the plethora of conspiracy theories flung around by the present populist movements a common feature is that of a globalizing politician who somehow has the personal power and intelligence to manipulate vast, complex demographic shifts entirely for their own advantage. In these simplified narratives, demonic despots like Clinton and Merkel… Read more →


Erdogan's New Use of History; constructing a new Turkish past on the foundation of a 'glorious' Ottoman legacy

30-10-2016 By Maarten Lemmens ~ When standing in front of thousands of people in Istanbul celebrating the anniversary of the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople on May 30, 2015, The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan referred back to the moment of his election as mayor of Istanbul in 1994. His subsequent tenure, he stated, 'was to serve… Read more →


Elections and Journalism in a Divided America: An Interview with NOS Correspondent Wouter Zwart

16-10-2016 This interview will appear in the upcoming edition of JASON Magazine, which is all about the US Elections. Make sure you do not miss it! In an exclusive interview for our American Election Special journalist and NOS correspondent in the United States Wouter Zwart was kind enough to enlighten us with his views on the presidential… Read more →


Democracy in the Arab World - Part 3: Better off with a dictator?

02-10-2016 By Christiaan Duinmaijer ~ This is the third and last in a series of three articles concerning democracy in the Arab World. In the 90's Francis Fukuyama wrote that liberal democracy would become universal, but nowadays democracy is often declared unfit for the Arab world: imposed by the West and incompatible with the main religion… Read more →


Democracy in the Arab World

18-09-2016 By Christiaan Duinmaijer – Part I: People's choice or imposed? This is the first in a series of three articles concerning democracy in the Arab World. – In the 90's Francis Fukuyama wrote that liberal democracy would become universal, but nowadays democracy is often declared unfit for the Arab world: imposed by the West and incompatible… Read more →


Morgenthau: Assessing the UN

21-08-2016 By Karlijn Arts ~ Back in 1945, during and shortly after the conferences which established the UN, Hans Morgenthau was critical about the creation of this major institution. He foresaw two major obstacles in the formation and functioning of the UN as a unifying, peace- and security keeping force. Firstly, he regarded the UN as lacking a single… Read more →


Four ways to avoid war with Russia

08-08-2016By Quint Hoekstra – NATO is in desperate need of a strategy. For decades it has been accused of being a military alliance without an enemy but now that it has a clear adversary in Russia it lacks a coherent plan to confront it. Indeed, ever since the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014,… Read more →


The necessity of Israeli security policies for Europe

01-08-2016 By Kevin Benning and Niels van de Ven ~ The instability of states in North-Africa and the Middle East has given momentum to Islamic terrorist groups, with Islamic State as the main treat. After the start of the Syrian civil war, ISIS gained a lot of territory within Syria and Iraq. The actions of ISIS… Read more →


Spain's political maze

17-07-2016 European politics seems to be at boiling point at the moment. The political turmoil in the United Kingdom following their departure from the European Union and the subsequent resignation of Leave campaigners such as UKIP's Nigel Farage has brought about an unprecedented political circumstance and has split the UK. Not to mention the recent terrorist… Read more →


Terror is winning: how the politics of Fear are destabilizing democracies

28-06-2016 The politics of Fear and urgency have been utilized by governments to override laws and make quick, often dubious decisions as well as to undermine the power of resistance. Recent atrocities in Europe and America display how this mentality is coming full circle, where the demonization of opposition as inherently violent has created an atmosphere… Read more →


Australia's delicate balancing act between China and the United States

12-06-2016 When one thinks of Australia, the initial thoughts that usually come to people's minds are endless beaches, perpetual sunshine, exotic animals and a country far removed from the turmoil of for instance the Middle East and North Africa. However, Australia is finding itself in a region with growing strategic importance and increasing tension. With the… Read more →


The Mess of U.S. Primaries

05-06-2016 International media coverage of the American primary elections is largely focused on Republican candidate Donald Trump. The bouts of personal name-calling and even comparing of penis size between candidates before all but Trump decided to forfeit were there for all to enjoy, or detest. Meanwhile, important debates taking place within the American political sphere regarding… Read more →


Wat kunnen we verwachten van Hillary Clinton?

22-05-2016 Het is de gebeurtenis waar de hele wereld naar uitkijkt. Eén keer in de vier jaar vindt de grootste race ter wereld plaats. Locatie: de Verenigde Staten. Op 8 november as. mogen miljoenen Amerikanen op het stembiljet een kruisje zetten bij hun favoriete kandidaat. De primaries zijn zo goed als afgerond en de partijconventies zullen… Read more →


Listen to Trump: Europe must strengthen its role in NATO

30-04-2016 By Rik van Dijk ~ We are getting ripped off by every country in NATO, where they pay virtually nothing, most of them."[1] The presidential travelling carnival that is Donald Trump spoke openly to his audiences about dissolving what he regarded was an obsolete military partnership because of the free rider attitude of its allies… Read more →


Preparing for the Storm

Climate change and security threats: a Dutch perspective By Daniël Stuke With the announced shutdown of two additional coal power plants last week, it seems the Netherlands is finally stepping up its efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Sadly, the measure comes a couple decades too late: recent estimates predict the rise in average global… Read more →


Partners in crime: Islamic State and Cosa Nostra

By Ilias Halbgewachs – The Mafia, those masters of fear mongering are not a frequent item on the news outside of Italy but as this article will show the mafia does impact all of Europe and in ways you may not immediately expect. In the mafia Islamic State may have found an unlikely ally… Read more →


Strijd tegen IS ontbeert overkoepelende strategie

Door Friso M.S. Stevens – Het kabinetsbesluit voor deelname aan de coalitie tegen Islamitische Staat (IS) werd ogenschijnlijk binnen enkele weken genomen. Daar waar de PvdA jarenlang de kabinetten Balkenende kastijdde over de politieke steun die Balkenende I gaf aan de invasie van Irak in 2003, gingen de sociaaldemocraten na wat volkenrechtelijke aarzelingen in september… Read more →


Security threats in Europe's neighbourhood

Echoes from Georgia in Ukraine today [1] – By Françoise Companjen and Werner Kiel – The 2014 events in Ukraine have given a strong incentive to rethink EU-Russian relations. These international relations are embedded in a complex network of security, energy and economic trade forces, involving not only the EU and the OSCE, but… Read more →


Binnenkort in JASON magazine: Het einde van Siberië?

Het einde van Siberië? Het volgende nummer heeft als thema separatisme van het verleden en vandaag: Libië, Nagorno-Karabakh, Zuid-Soedan, Noord-Ierland, Oekraïne en Georgië. Het artikel over separatisme in Siberië door Werner Kiel belicht immigratie, economische ontwikkeling, en andere belangrijke aspecten van dit proces in Ruslands verre achterland. Door Werner Kiel In zijn satirische roman Het… Read more →


Binnenkort in JASON Magazine: Waarom steunt een meerderheid van de bevolking het Egyptische leger?

De 'dangerous gamble' van de legerleiding in Egypte Het juninummer van JASON Magazine zal aan Revoluties in Europa, Zuid-Amerika, Midden-Oosten en Azië. Ivo Roodbergen analyseert in zijn artikel aan de hand van gesprekken met betrokkenen waarom de Egyptenaren nu weer kiezen voor het Egyptische leger en een president met een militaire achtergrond na eerdere protesten… Read more →


Soon in JASON Magazine: Thailand's Current Crisis – A Democratic Revolution?

The June issue of JASON Magazine will be dedicated to Revolutions in Europe, South-America, Middle-East and Asia. Ralphaela Kormoll analyses in her article the protests in Bangkok against the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his successors and their demand a return to democracy. By RAPHAELA KORMOLL On January 21, 2014 the Thai government declared… Read more →


The importance of the European Union for the Netherlands

Why should you vote on May 22nd? By Claudia Elion The European Union (EU) is an unique model of co-operation in the 21st century. One could say that no other regional institution has brought so many benefits to countries as the EU has. It combines supragovernmental and intergovernmental elements. In this manner, the EU has… Read more →


Binnenkort in JASON Magazine: De nucleaire veiligheidstop

Door Niels van Willigen[1] Eind maart vindt in Den Haag de Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) plaats. Het wordt de grootste multilaterale top ooit in Nederland gehouden, met 58 regeringsleiders en/of staatshoofden. De NSS is een voorbeeld van een ad hoc diplomatiek proces, waarbij staten niet worden gehinderd door bureaucratische processen die bijvoorbeeld de Verenigde Naties… Read more →


Struggle for power, glory to Ukraine

By Natalia Kadenko – Ukrainians have always taken politics personally – their increasingly cynical political humour is a mark of a profound idealism. These days you can hardly hear people talk about anything else beside the ongoing protests; the amount of sophisticated political analysis surrounding you in the streets, cafes and public transport makes you… Read more →


A Blog: An out-of-the-box summer internship: the travails of one lucky intern

Four different phones are ringing at the same time, one call immediately followed by the next. People are running around, discussing with each other, trying to put some sense and order into the chaos. New information flows in every minute, plans and statements change, arrangements have to be adjusted within minutes. E-mails, Facebook messages and… Read more →


Piracy charges for Greenpeace 'extreme and disproportionate'?

Pieter Rademakers – A group of Greenpeace has tried to get aboard of a Gazprom oil platform in the Barents Sea, more precisely in international waters, according to media reports. Camera footage shows indeed at least two persons climbed the platform, while several others in some rubber boats floated aside of the oil rig. The… Read more →


Libanon: kruitvat of asylum?

De bloedige burgeroorlog in Syrië raast nog steeds in haar volle verschrikking door. De oorlog heeft het land volledig verscheurd, maar zal het ook zijn buurlanden meeslepen in het strijdgewoel? Zal het kleine buurlandje dat Libanon heet, deze storm kunnen weerstaan? Christiaan Duinmaijer Libanon mag klein zijn qua oppervlakte, maar is groot wat betreft zijn… Read more →


Verleden, heden en toekomst van Afghanistan

Interview met Khalil Wedad, stichting Samenwerking Afghanistan-Nederland (SAN) Khalil Wedad, een amicale man van in de vijftig, woont met zijn vrouw en zoon sinds 1997 in Nederland. Geboren in de Panjshirvallei in noordwestelijk Afghanistan, groeide Khalil op in Kaboel. In 1982 vertrok hij als uitwisselingsstudent naar de Sovjet-Unie, waar hij in 1996 zou promoveren op… Read more →


To The Future World: Should Europe Vote for the U.S. President?

Yesterday one of the most influential countries in the world called upon its citizens to decide the cost of healthcare and tax rates, as well as the future of some minor issues like Palestine and Iran. Yes, we, the international security experts from all over the world, have to keep in mind that we are… Read more →


De Griekse crisis en de gevolgen voor de internationale veiligheid

De huidige economische crisis wordt voornamelijk gezien als het resultaat van mismanagement bij Amerikaanse financiële dienstverleners en de grote financiële onkunde van Griekenland, een samenloop van omstandigheden waar de rest van Europa de dupe van lijkt te worden. De eurozone wankelt en haar leden gaan gebukt onder een zware lastenverhoging die sommige zelfs haast de… Read more →


Combating Malnutrition: More Than a Moral Imperative

“The silent hunger crisis — affecting one sixth of all of humanity — poses a serious risk for world peace and security." [1] The world population is growing, and the arable land is decreasing. For example China has to feed 1.3 billion people, but only has seven per cent of the world's arable land of which… Read more →