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Executive and General Board

The executive board of JASON is responsible for day-to-day operations and bears final responsibility for the policy pursued by the institute. The executive board currently consists out of seven students and young-professionals.

The General Board of JASON is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the activities of the executive board. Furthermore, the general board provides the executive board with solicited and unsolicited recommendations. The General Board currently consists of 11 professionals who have a military, security and/or foreign policy background.

Executive Board

Chairman - Ms. Cherissa Appelman

Secretary – Ms. Bente Scholtens

Treasurer – Mr. Floris Duvekot

PR (Public Relations) – Ms. Eline Hietbrink

Activities Coordinator – Mr. Hanif Moshaver

Editors in Chief – Mr. Daniel Stuke & Mr. Rik van Dijk

External Relations – Ms. Loesje van Leeuwen

General Board

Drs. Simon Minks
Senior Public Prosecutor, Openbaar Ministerie Den Haag

Colonel RNLMC (ret.) M.J.M.S. Hekkens, Acting Head of Field Office (Garowe) / Maritime Adviser to Puntland State of Somalia at EUCAP Somalia

Colonel mr. Niels Woudstra
Teacher in Operational Analysis, Faculty of Militairy Sciences NDA (Netherlands Defence Academy), recently returned from the MINUSMA Mission in Mali

Drs. Pim van der Putten
Defence Planner NATO & EU, Dutch Ministry of Defence

Dr. Francoise Companjen
Researcher and lecturer specialized in developments in the Kaukasus, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Ms. Marjolein de Ridder MA
Senior policy advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Bart Hogeveen, MA
Training and Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute

Dr. Laurens van Apeldoorn
Assistent professor at Leiden University College

Drs. Bas Bijlsma, senior policy officer conflict prevention at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Drs. Tim Sweijs, Senior Strategist at The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies